New Velox Build Log
14 Nov 2011
We have begun a new build log on our upcoming 125" Velox Revolution II Read more...
Competition Airframes 300 Build Thread
14 Nov 2011
This will be a very detailed build thread on the account that I need to finish the manual for this plane and also to show everyone how easy it is to put one of my planes together. The 300SR uses the same fuse but roughly 8" shorter. Please don't hesitate to ask questions.

The first pic is of all the laser cut parts you will receive in this kit. If you notice, their isn't any dark burns on the parts. The wood I buy is very good quality so you don't get alot of black burn marks from the laser.

Also a higher wattage laser helps in this process. Lets start gluing!
First you will need the LH and RH motor box sides and the F-1 and F-2 formers. I use nothing but Titebond glues on my planes. You can use whatever you are comfortable with. Take the F-1 former and glue it to the RH motor box side as shown. Then take the F-2 former and glue it to the RH motor box side. Then take the LH motor box side and glue it to both F-1 and F-2 formers. You might want to use some tape to hold them temporarily till the next step. Next you need to glue in the pipe tunnel cover. The grain of the wood is ran so that it will bend to get it in between the motor box sides. This piece also will be used for your throttle servo, ignition, regulator and ignition battery. You can use clamps to hold these parts together.Yes this kit and all the new ones I bring here are my design. Read more...
Competition Airframes Extra 300 SR and SC Double Build Thread
14 Nov 2011
Well its Tuesday night and like I promised last week, I'm starting a new thread on two new planes I'm bringing out. Both are close to being the same plane except a wing change on the SC. The SR has a straight LE like an Edge and the SC has a wing like a standard extra 300. Both of these are prototypes and will be flown by Mike Elder and myself. We've been very happy with the flights on the big 300 and these two models will be a great addition to the line up of planes I'm bringing out. The SR will be outfitted with a DA 170 on cans. The SC will be piloted by Mike and he hasn't told me yet what he will be installing in his plane. Here are the specs on both planes. Please don't hesitate to ask questions. Please enjoy the thread.Read more...